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Default Re: The Reality about drugs

why the fuck would i lie first of all? but if thats your opinion so be it. and rent, go fuck yourself, vent your immature aggression elsewhere you irrogant shit. if you guys have a problem with me trying to help people out that are risking their selves, you can keep your opinions to yourself because it doesn't change the facts that are in fact true. wait until you get older and learn a bit more, and you'll find what I'm saying is in fact true. I can infer you guys are young and inexperienced and naturally your going to oppose the reality of drugs, and your gonna be pretty bias. i mean, im trying to help people out here with the information that i learned over time and believe me i experienced it all. take the information i wrote and either take it or leave it. if you dont believe me, wait til this shit kicks you in the ass and then maybe you'll have a valid perception on this sort of thing. people come to this forum for help, and i wouldnt tell a lie for i just wouldnt feel right leading people who need help in the wrong direction, i happen to be a pretty empathetic guy.
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