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ok, i know this is an old thread and im sorry but i recently got my psp and i wanted to show you my results:

ok so i got my psp on friday and i had the pleasure of testing it for the weekend. and my findings are that the psp is all around better then the ds, but not worth its cost at this time. the psp, if bought when first released, comes with spiderman 2 a game and an accessory and totals around 300 without tax. the ds....150. the ds can play gameboy advance and ds games, with a touch screen. the psp can show pictures, play mp3s, movies, psp games, and a very wide nice quality screen. both have really good speaker systems, with the ds's slightly better and have slight wi-fi cordless co-op game play. the psp feels less secure, more of a portable dvd player or sorts. where as the ds is more durable, has a wider selection of games, and the guarentee-ish of quality. the ds also has more screen protection. but the battery life has been fixed. as is written in the manual, 3-5 hours for movies and 3-6 hours of game play and i think 2.5 hours to charge full. oh, a nice feature that the psp has is sleep mode and hold mode. in sleep mode the screen shuts off and battery life is saved, but when turned back on the psp is right where you left it. hold mode makes it so that none of the buttons will respond. great for when in sleep mode or in movie playback mode where you dont want to disturb where you are or what you are doing. i chose metal gear ac!d as my free game, and it is alot better then i thought it would be. also when in movie playback the picture is awsome. i mean perfect. or as close as you can get without turning on a hdtv. this concludes my findings. if you have any questions please, feel free to ask

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