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Default Re: "Natural" drugs, specificly pot ARE addicting

alright dumbass, i said in my post that marijuana has no addicting substances in it, i was refferring it to be highly mentally addicting for one, i said put physical in there on accident, so you are right about that one. 2, chemicals from mushrooms and lsd ARE stored in your spine, thats why they dont come up on piss tests, if u do some research, a spinal tap is needed to figure out if someone has used lsd or shrooms. And my cousin is in chicago state mental institution because he never snapped out of a lsd trip. And what i meant about you not knowing how strong the high would be, I was reffering to the drugs being laced or more potent then you thought. And im sorry but it is illegal for a rehab to give false information. The state checks the place monthly to make sure its kosher for some rehabs have had very bias and cruel measures to treat patients. Every lecture, video, and fact sheets go through the department of public help assuring no falsified information. The only bias thing in rehab is they dont approve of recreational drug use. Do some research guys, and youll find what im saying is true. CHILL
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