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What I meant was, many Christians are intolerant to those who oppose Christianity or follow other religions, like Judaism, Islam, Wicca, etc. or do things that aren't "Christian" like homosexuals. However there is no where in the Bible/Jesus said nothing about being intolerant, judgemental, prejudiced, or anything like that. And those Christians expect everyone to except THEIR faith. Hypocritcal much?

I am a Christian but I swear I am not intolerant about any other belief system or anything. Maybe homosexuality's not really as bad as Leviticus makes it out to be. Quite possibly Christianity's not the only way to get to Heaven. And maybe not all atheists will die atheists.

Jesus didn't teach intolerance. Pretty much he only taught us that we should love on another, and that's a good message for everone and even those who don't believe in God.
Ok,I have no idea what Leviticus is but homosexuality shouldnot be considerd a "sin,"because you are born with it and nothing can change you.

Thats right,Jesus did not teach intolerance and taught to love.

I rememberd something funny,one day in school a student who found out i'm open minded about religion,wich he thinks is the same as atheist,but anyway he wrote "Go To Hell Atheist!" on my locker. So i kinda got mad and threw a stapler at him and it hit his head lolzzz. i didn't get in trouble because the school didn't want to get sued

Don't worry,It can only get worse.

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