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Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
YES! SYMBOLIC! I just LOVE it when Christians use the symbolic excuse! Was the story of Jesus symbolic too? Were the nails driven into his hand supposed to represent how useless of a sacrifice he was? What the hell is so symbolic about Noah's Ark?

Think about this: Why did the flood happen? God wanted to kill all the "wicked" humans on the earth.

OBVIOUSLY it didn't work.

The story is a pile of heaping bullshit on fire at my front door and I have to keep stomping on it to put the flames out. How much more do I need to give you Christians to prove Noah's Ark wrong?

You know, I really wish Ripple wasn't banned so there was at least one Christian who would be willing to give evidence and try to prove us Atheists wrong with good debates.
Ok, calm down... I thought this was civilized, no need to call the bible bullshit. And even if it isn't true, that doesn't disprove the existence of God. The existence of God isn't proven by a bunch of books written 2000+ years ago, it is proven by reasoning. The whole contingency theory, I think there are like five theories from Thomas of Aquinas that are metaphysical reasonings of why God does in fact exist.
Physical proof? I don't think anyone will ever find it really, I mean, even the Shroud of Turin, which is pretty amazing, isn't really direct proof that God exists. But I mean there isn't physical proof about so many other things that people do believe exist.

Now specifically about the bible, I believe I said some of the things written were symbolic, so like parables in the New testament, but Jesus's death did actually happen, and there is actually scientific and historical proof that a) He existed, and b) that He died the way it's described in the bible.

Now, please, don't respond in some pissed off "the bible is bullshit" way, because it does diminish your credibility. I respect your opinion and your arguments.
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