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Default Re: "Natural" drugs, specificly pot ARE addicting

Originally Posted by guitarro View Post
bud can too be physically addicting, and if you would like ill like ill link you to sites were u can find everything i said is correct. i dont know were u got ur information from, but i just got out of rehab. every day for 28 days they had drug education for 3 hours. way to be naive.

Excuse me guitarro... I really appreciate some of the things you have been posting. Really, it shows what can happen in the worst case scenario with many drugs. That's great to inform people. But also remember that you may be a little extreme or biased since you have developed a strong opposition to drugs. Also, about the information you received in rehab... well just like drug advocates will overlook some of the negatives of drugs, people with strong opposition to drugs are likely to "stretch the truth" if you will, to help prove their point. Especially about the information of flashbacks, much of this is not proven and is based upon speculation and theory, not hard facts. Again, you have been a great contributer to the Drugs and Meds forum and I'm glad to have you, just consider what I have just said.
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