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Originally Posted by music is my soul View Post
there you go again crossing the fucking line.
What is this 'line' you keep talking about? From what I see here, it's you against three of VT's skeptics who are conducting a pretty formal debate based on evidence and scientific theory. There's no personal attacks going on here.

You keep getting angry because the beliefs that you chose to bring to Ramblings of the Wise are being challenged. Why is it that, once religion is brought into the equation, it suddenly becomes unacceptable to challenge it? Why does a 'line' have to be established?

If you want anyone here to take you seriously, you need to let go of these unreasonable emotional attachments you have to the subject and debate it using evidence, instead of distorted stories from an ancient text.

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Yeah, I'd be depressed too if I listened to Chad Kroeger.
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