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Originally Posted by music is my soul View Post
it was not a world wide flood it was a flood that happened between the black sea and the medateranian sea that receeded a few thousand years ago. and dew to that information he only took two of every animal that was native to the area. and heck maybe by some freak of nature those animals that were there with noah mutated or what ever you want to call it during or after the flood andbecame the animals we know of today.
Story of Noah's Ark was a universal flood. The flood your thinking of is from the "Black Sea deluge theory", which has nothing to do with religion. Good try though. Allot of dumb-asses will say that universal is supposed to mean everything Noah could see from a distance, but that doesn't fit the definition so that's why they're dumb-asses.


Wood is not the best material for shipbuilding. It is not enough that a ship be built to hold together; it must also be sturdy enough that the changing stresses don't open gaps in its hull. Wood is simply not strong enough to prevent separation between the joints, especially in the heavy seas that the Ark would have encountered. The longest wooden ships in modern seas are about 300 feet, and these require reinforcing with iron straps and leak so badly they must be constantly pumped. The ark was 450 feet long [ Gen. 6:15]. Could an ark that size be made seaworthy?

From one of the links in a previous post.

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