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Default "Natural" drugs, specificly pot ARE addicting

for everyone who thinks that pot isn't addicting, it is. If you use any form of substance to manage stress, you will eventually get addicted. Pot itself does not have any addictive chemicals in it, which is why everyone think it isnt addicting. another thought people have is that it's natural, actually all drugs are natural. cocaine comes from the coca plant, heroin comes from the poppi plant, and shrooms come from cow shit. they may be "natural" but they still have chemicals in them that are bad. everyone thinks shrooms and weed are fine cuz they are natural. they are still bad. hallucinagents are the worst of all, even though shrooms are "natural". when you use shrooms, it's chemicals store in your spine, the same as lsd, and if you crack your back on accident, youll start to trip again (clinically its called a "flashback". im not sure for the numbers on shrooms, but after using lsd 4 times you are clinically insane. Some people who have used lsd are in mental institutions because their immunity to the drug was high enough to snap them out of the trip. the myth of weed being natural and not addicting is false too. the biggest side affects of weed are various forms of anxiety (anxiety, insomnia, etc). The high you get from pot is sedation, an anti-anxiety. so when you smoke it, you induce a cycle of getting anxious, coping with it with bud, getting anxious again, and so on and so forth. Yes, will power can prevent addiction, but only to a certain point. Nobody can positively know exactly how much will they have, just like you dont know exactly how high your gonna get off of a drug. addiction isnt a personality trait, its a surprise. A drug being "natural" does not make it any better than any other drug
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