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Question ocd and friends?

hi, i dont know if this has anything to do with ocd but i have to ask...
i have pretty good friends that ive had since i was a baby they've always been there for me and everything i like them alot.
but the lastre year ive been severly deppressed and i dont know if this has to do with the deppression or if its ocd but when ever im around my friends im like so concious of what there thinking and stuff i always look at them and try to read there body langauge and see if they still like me(if that makes sence) but anyway im like obsessed about it, like if one of my friends is talking to someone i dont know i have like a mental break down and i feel HORRIBLE cause i think" great now he doesn't like me anymore and hes finding new friends" even though its not true cause he still hangs out with me and does like everything with me and he like never calls anyone else to do stuff but me, but im just like obseesed with this even though deep down inside i know he still likes me and everything.... does this sound like ocd?????
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