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Default Re: Im going to build my first computer

I'm sorry, but I must disapprove your choice in fans. Buy Silverstone FM121 fans, they are very quiet for their airflow, and move 110cfm. Being dual-ball they last longer too. They have their own fan controllers, but a Vantec Nexus would be nice. At full speed they consume 6 watts rather than 3.6, but I don't really think you're too worried about that, especially since 110cfm is a lot of air, in a regular case like mine it recycles the air almost once a second. This is taking into account back pressure, the processor fan, a cheap fan on intake on the case funneled to the cpu (airflow for that fan accounted for, not the cpu fan, as the case fan has a higher airflow) the tornado, the cheap fan, and the power supply, and the Silverstone; the case fan funneled to the cpu and the Silverstone are on intake, all the rest blow out. It gets a little loud having all my fans on full, but that is because of the tornado (52db), the Silverstone is very quiet. Oh noes, I've gone on a rant.

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