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Default Re: The Reality about drugs

like i said, time can only tell. you may have stopped at the moment, but u never know for sure if you'll start up again. I used to be a dealer and never got caught, so does that make it ok to deal drugs? I have killed someone before and got away with it, so is it ok that i kill in moderation and not get caught? if your lucky, and you do drugs in moderation and not to the point were you are out of control, you are still risking a whole lot. thats great that you were able to quit coke. but how do u know there isnt anything wrong with your heart? I just got out of rehab, and they teach you things. one thing i learned is the first time u use cocaine you pump you heart to a speed which it naturally should not be at, ripping your cardiovascular walls, and making it 4 times less efficiant for the rest of your life. this is a fact.
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