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Default Re: This whole thing is not good at all

well heres an update, i payed the guy last night, and he was very aggrevated. after i gave him the money, he threw me on the cement and pushed a gun to the back of my head, and told me i fucked with the wrong guy and he wants more money for compensation. today, i figured to get this guy off my ass, i gave him 800 for an apologie. he came with a brown paper bag and told me to put the money in it. in the bottom of the bag was a picture of my brother walking somewere. basically, he told me i fucked with the wrong person, and he told me and my family wont be seeing the new year. I couldnt get the cops involved because if he gets taken out one of his friends would take his place, causing more aggrevation. Tonight i called my friend who is a high rank vice lord, and i had a car in the front of my house and in the back standing guard. one of his guys went to go in my window and my guy got him in the back of the head with a .22, saving my life. Little do these guys know my friend is very high rank, and he talked to the guys setting him straight. just 20 minutes ago i got a apologie from the asshole i owed money too. thankfully, i get to live this year, and im out of the game for good. nobody is after me, and i get to live again. If the drugs dont kill you, the people will. By the way, the drug i was dealing with was pot, yes just pot.

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