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Unhappy All i Feel

Light enough you cant see
Deep enough to burn
Fright digs a whole inside me
Sleep is all I yearn

What’s invisible to you
Is obvious to me
There’s no scar with your name
Just a memory of my shame

Pain is my drive
My body is my inspiration
To be sane is for all I thrive
Without the blood there is hyperventilation

Just because you hurt me inside and didn’t touch me out
I did it for you
And that’s all I scream about

Because you don’t see
The pain I inflict upon my self
To you all I am
Is a tainted doll on the top shelf.

Its time for me to change
Turn in my sharpest items of all
And if I don’t hang
The rope will break as I fall

Your not there to catch me
Because you’re planning a way to kill me
But there’s no need
Because death is all I succeed.

And as I drop
I remember all I had
But I can’t turn back now
Because you drove me to do something bad.

Just because my body is still here, alive as before
It’s my soul that you see bleeding on the floor.
But what you don’t understand, and you never will
Is that what is invisible to you
Is all I see.

I'm cole. <3
kick off your stilletos
& love me in the backseat <3
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