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Default Re: Im going to build my first computer

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Talk to your brother then.. And it isn't smart getting Vista for now.. I would wait at least 6 months more and then get Vista, it's dependant read up on it and see if it would be the best for your build..
my brothers the type that hates helping people who don't know as much as him..its the reason why he does have a computer repair job....

he knows a lot so its like hes no help to anyone around the house most of the time lol

anyways i have the message boards and all that on the net to help me pick out the parts...that's the hard part.

we may wait a while on Vista, its my brothers call on when we get it.

Its easy to build the computer itself...just plug in cables and make it look nice. The hard parts getting all the right parts for a fast running machine.


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