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Default Re: Im going to build my first computer

thanks for the info

ill follow this post up with links to each item on my list and ill swap out for the power supply you suggested

BTW, what motherboard, processor, and graphics card do you suggest to replace the ones I'm thinking of ordering?

I chose the listed processor as its suggested in the games manual and by a few members at the computer board, (

also, any suggestions on cases?, I want something light and quiet with fans. I have no problem taking out stock fans in a case and putting in better, quiet ones.

DVD-RW drive:

Hard Drive:

Graphics Card:

Power Supply:


Mother Board:


Case Fans - X2

CPU Cooler:

Sound card:

I'm planning on getting Windows Vista when it comes out. Flight Sim. X is made for it as well so I want everything compatible.

Really lay it out for me on what to get, I've never even thought about making a gaming computer before. My younger brothers a wiz at making them though...

Yes newegg is a great site, I'll take a look at tigerdirect as well

Thanks for the help


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