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Default Re: Im going to build my first computer

This is my area of expertise

I suggest getting an AMD proc for games.
Don't buy such an expensive processor they are not needed NEARLY as much for games as a video card. So my suggestion is buy a less expensive processor and put that extra money into a video card. The gains will be much bigger.

You also would probably want a better brand of PSU. Brand in PSU's are extremely important. Or else they might not have the quality and could fail causing a power surge frieing your components! Here is a good one

Also you might want more fans to cool your components.

DFI motherboard is good but brands are also important in motherboard selection (Asus and gigabyte are the best)

Now I am not sure where you are ordering this stuff from but I would suggest either or for the best deals

O yeah one last thing.
Could you put links to each of the parts you are getting so we can check them out

EDIT: Almost forgot, if you do go AMD make sure to get a motherboard with AM2 socket.

EDIT2: lol ok last one. SOUND CARD. Don't forget one of those.
They will greatly enhance gamplay, especially if you are playing flight sims. If you insist on not getting one make SURE the motherboard has onboard sound!

Here are some guides that will help you build it.

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