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Default Re: Im Sick of guys going out with girls to get into their pants

Originally Posted by *LostMyWay* View Post
Ultimately it is down to personal choice. If you don't like it then don't do it or pay attention to those who do.

My personal experience is that men follow their penis. 13 year olds, 23 year olds, 33 year olds, 43 year olds. I put it down to testostorone (sp?) and the biological need to procreate. It is something which dates back to cave man days. It's just more obvious in the teenage years.

Ohh please not the scientific slob of cave men.. If we were still cave men or w/e wed be raping any woman we'd see fit on the street, but I do not belive you meant that.. Yes most men do think with their penis.. Well boys/men. Commonly they will continue thinking with their.. Reproductive organ till they die and that is the awful truth.

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