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Right, there's this guy called Dean. I've known him for about 2 months now and I really like him, I mean like really really like, and he's a good mate. When I first met him he was goin' out with some girl and I was like "Damn". Anyway he dumped his girlfriend about 2 weeks ago and I found out tht he was bisexual and I just thought "Woah I've got a chance here". My best mate Sam knew how I felt about him but she started goin out with him even though I really liked him. At first they tried to hide it from me but I found out really quickly because they started pulling infront of me and at that point I thought I was gonna thow up. The only thing tht was going though my head was the word "FUCK" over and over. I wanted to be on my own so I walked down to the beach and walked to the edge of the sea and they came running down behind me and saying "Are you ok?" and Sam said that as soon as she started goin out with him she said they woudn't go out if I didn't feel right about it. I said "No no. it's fine" but now im regreting that I said that coz I'm getting more depressed every day. I just can't stand seeing them together. I've even started cutting myself. I feel so shit about it and I dunno what to do about it. Dean knows I like him but I don't think he knows how strongly I feel about him. What should I do???
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