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Default Re: Planting the seed...

How do you account for threads posted on here saying "Should I cut? I'm so depressed and everything is so black. Should I cut?" if no influence exists from the media or friends? (term media covers tv, newspapers, films, radio and internet)

I am not saying that abuse doesnt cause self harm as I find the link between the two fairly obvious.

BUT when I was in year 3 or 4 (8-9 years old) quite literally everyone in my year took apart their sharpeners and cut themselves. It was seen as the "cool" thing to do. At the time I did not take part as thought was stupid. A few years later my "best friend" introduces me to it. A year later I'm using it as a coping method and am completely addicted to it. It took over my life. As I said before I was unaware of the name or psychology behind the behaviour.

The media unfortunately includes the whole "emo" stereotype so I beg to differ with you Diego. I have strong views concerning sterotypes but that is not the topic here. Enough proof that the media has some influence (indirect or direct it is of no importance) on self harm comes from the fact that emos are perceived by many to hurt themselves.

I am by no means placing blame purely on one source as different people have different influences. I am merely stating that the media and friends do have some influence on it.

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