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Default This whole thing is not good at all

Well, i got myself into a really shitty situation because of drugs. First of all, i had a addiction to bud to cope with my anxieties, long story short my life is a bumpy road full of traumas. First, I witnessed my father commit suicide when i was 4, my mom has been addicted to crack-cocaine for 25 years until recently, she is 5 months clean. when i was about 10, my house got raided since my house was a crackhouse, and trust me walking into your house with your friends and seeing ur uncle chopping crack on the kitchen table isnt very pleasent. remarkably i didnt get taken away to another family.

In turn of that I had a nervous brakedown and i started going to a therepeutic day school. Last year, 2 of my uncles which pretty much took the place of my father overdosed, devastated the family and myself, and i myself being bipolar, had another nervous breakdown. My way of coping with that anxiety was bud, and since i was pretty much manic all the time, i smoked bud all the time to cope.

Then once day, i was riding with my dealer, smoking on the highway, and little did i know it was time for him to cop. I dont exactly remember were we were going, i just remember going down lakeshore(chicago),and he was buying a pound of bud. we go into this guys arpartment, and hes sitting at a kitchen table and he weighed it out, my guy gave him the money(approximatly $3500). The next thing i know the guy pulled out a stun gun and zapped my guy.

Me being paranoid as i was i always carried brass knuckles on me. The guy went and turned at me with the stun gun and i got him square in the temple, making a crunch that made me want to vomit. I went to get my guy up, then he went on to loot the the guy. he found $650 and a .45. he was nice enough to shoot the guy i knocked out 4 times in the chest. So the next month or so, i went into a paranoid frezy, always carrying a rock or a knife or something incase one of the guys freinds we killed were after me. Next thing i know, i got into a fight with a kid at my school, and he said i threatened to kill him, which i honesly didnt, go figure im at a therepeutic school, they searched me and found two knives. I went to court, they tested me for drugs, i tested positive for marijuana and the sent me to rehab.

They thought the fight was my agressions from drug abuse. Being as slick as a i am, I got $250 worth of bud fronted to me right before i went to rehab, cuz i knew the guy i was buying from was about to go to jail. now here is the really shitty part. He just got out of jail and is really pissed. This guy is high ranked in a gang long story short, and last night he called me and told me the price is 500 now, or my head.

Currently im on vacation in florida, which is very far from chicago. So now i just had to explain this to my mom who is a widow, my grandparents who just barried two of there kids, and now everyone is narotic, and im getting a early ticket home to take care of this. If i never smoked, a majority of this shit wouldnt have happened. This world of drugs only leads to destruction, trust me on that one.

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