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I read both your posts. And I didn't know the media could make somebody think about self harm. Only reason I started was maybe because my dad. I used to hit my grandparents and all, and my dad told me to stop. Since, I've never really knew my dad and I thought he was a great guy, I stopped hitting my grandparents. Then I had no other choice but to cut myself when I got mad. Today, even though I'm not mad, I still cut because I'm addicted to it. I think there's more people that use self harm because there's more people getting abuse. I think, each year there's more people getting abused than the year before, because the abuse cycle keeps going. I wasn't influenced by the media or friends, I know this because I never knew people hurt theirself and I didn't know what "emo" was until somebody called me it when they saw my arm. But yea, I think the media has something to do about it. Here's my question, where in the world do you see people inflicting pain unto theirself in the media? Only times I've seen it was when I was watching this movie about steroids. I think some people hurt theirself in a way of coping with sadness or anger.
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