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Default Re: i listened while he hurt her

Originally Posted by serial-thrilla View Post
thats pretty dumb. sometimes a child needs to be smacked to get through to them. i sure as hell will do it to my children if they are hard to deal with. as long as they arent harsh beatings i think that parents have all the right in the world to hit their kids as long as it isent to injure and just to teach them.
Well I dont agree with that at all! No Kid desevers to be hit like that! I have been in that kind of environment myself. I was only abused once but I still know wut it is like. You sit and wonder when will be the next time it happens, and how could u have been so stupid to have made him/her so mad. But, to tell u the truth, its not are falut. It is the parents falut. But Girl, let me tell u this just hang in there You WILL get out!

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