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Default I need a bit of advice!!!!!

Okay. I have a girlfriend, but not everyone knows. Mainly just my friends and her friends. I hate rumors so I made it as low key as possible. I got an email from a girl (I don't know where she got my email address, but anyway) and she asked me out. This, of course, is where the advice is needed. I don't want to tell my girlfriend because they are.... kind of friends, and I don't want them to play mortal kombat in real life over me. (I know my gf will. Trust me. It just may not be physical violence. She can get mean sometimes.She's a nice person and doesn't get angry easily, but she's having a rough time at home and stuff so she's easily angered, and I understand why.) I don't want to be the one to be mean and tell the girl I'm already dating, because I know how hard it is to ask someone out even through the e-mail. I don't know how or what to say to to the girl, or wether or not to tell my gf, but I'd probably say not to tell her. Somethings are lied about for the better of someone, but I'm interested in your opinions. Please help! Thank you!

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