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Default Re: Planting the seed...

I, for one, was not influenced by the media. Infact I didn't know that what I was doing had a name like self harm. In that respect I was quite ignorant. That said, I do agree that the increase in self harmers has risen due to a vague awareness of the act of self harm. I was introduced to the whole concept of causing harm to yourself not by the media but by my so called best mate. Had she not have "planted the seed" in my mind then I seriously doubt I would have given it a second thought.

I have seen it on here. I dont mean this to offend or anger anyone. But people have posted on here saying "I'm depressed, should I cut?" People are aware of the existence of self harm, but not the devastating effect it has on your life as a whole. People are under the impression that it is compartmentalised from the rest of your life, when in actual fact it takes over your life.

In order to reduce the number of self harmers we have to be completely open about it. The emotions behind it, the desperation, the addiction. When one has a full understanding of the horror of self harming then one is less likely to judge and less likely to be led into thinking it is the right thing to do when depressed.

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