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Default Planting the seed...

I have reason to believe that self-harm may have risen at an alarming rate due to the publicity it gets. Stay with me here. Think about it, for a second. It takes a special kind of person to just decide to start intentionally inflicting harm on themselves, even if they are depressed. And since it's kind of an odd that to get with out getting the idea put in your head by another party, one hundred years ago, you would think that self harm was a rather rare thing. Today, with self harm being so publicized in the media, and even being advocated slightly by certain groups. For example someone decides that they are depressed. They then want fit in with the "emo" clique. Without this influence, the person would simply be depressed. But because they have the idea in their head that depressed people hurt themselves, they are drawn towards self harm despite the fact that it is was not ever subconsciously in their mind. I know I'm going to get flamed by quite a few people for posting this, however, for those who read this carefully and think about it a bit, do you have any thoughts?
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