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Default Cardio excersises?

Sorry i am a complete retard and please dont flame me or make fun of me. I just do not knnow what cardio excersise is. Can you tell me other cardio excersises instead of jogging, walking, or running. Oh yea, starting last tuesday(two days ago) i have been doing 15-30 minutes jogs around my neighborhood. Question. Yesterday i jogged to 7-11 which is about a mile away and it took me like 7 minutes to get there, is that good? Also before i left for my jog i had eggs and bread. Then after my jog to 7-11 i got a turkey sandwich and a gatorade. I walked back home which took me at least 15 minutes. My question is should i skip the eggs and go jogging and pick something up at 7-11 or just eat eggs?

Also can any one give me a decent diet that worked for them if they were my size? I do not need a workout schedule just a diet schedule from breakfast to dinner. Please help me!
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