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Default Flight simulator X

Unless you have a Dell XPS 410 or higher, don't get it...

My bro got it for $20 on black Friday and game it to me for Christmas.

First off my computer doesn't have a DVD reading drive so I can't load it....on top of that my computer is nowhere near fast enough for the game.

I installed it on my bros older gaming computer with faster speeds and DVD drive....took a little over an hour to install and when I did play it I had to run all the graphics at minimum and even at that it was slow as hell........

I'm just thinking of getting the Dell XPS 410 with better graphics card now just for games like this...

It's a nice desktop but it needs a new graphics card my bro says and the price is really up there but I think I can save up for it and buy it some time in mid 2007
I need a better job at this point lol

just my thoughts on this game..

anyone else play it yet?
The reviews on it aren't all that good...

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