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Default Re: Whats the best way to ask?

Originally Posted by Weeping Willow View Post
Well think of it this way, the worst she can do is say no, and if she does, so what? Sure it will be disappointing, but you will get over it - the girl isnt worth getting upset over. All you need to do is keep in mind that there will always be other girls, you will be dating a lot during your life, this is just one girl. Just go up to her and be yourself then just say "Hey, I really like you, maybe we could go out sometime?" Dont try to do anything fancy or slick, just keep it simple. Take deep breaths before you do it, try to get comfortable saying it, and it will be a lot easier on you.
This just about covers it. Just be yourself and just ask. If it doesnt work out, ask another girl. Good luck!
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