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Unhappy a puzzle of darkness

do you ever wish that you had abilities to change someone's outlook on life.. You know? I sit here right now, at a time of the year when everything should be happy..and I'm just simply not. In fact, I am scared. You see.. I have this friend, a good friend, we've been more than friends, but we aren't anymore.. I know him pretty well, but everyday, it seems like i find out a little more about him, and he's not okay.. he is far from okay. I know this because he gives me small pieces of how he really feels, and the more pieces I have gotten, the more they fit together..and I feel like one day he will give me the last piece, and what I will have left..will be a puzzle..a puzzle of hopelessness, and hurt, of lies, and pain..and tears and darkness. He's not ok.. he feels alone, and he thinks all the time, he doesn't sleep, he won't let anyone in, he does drugs because when hes on them, he doesnt feel anything, he doesn't remember things, and he gets angry when you want to help, and all I want in this world is to help him. I want to fix him. I want to make things better and..and. I want his trust. I had another friend like him and I lost him.. i get the same feelings from him, as I did my other friend, and that scares the F*ckin shit out of hearts breaks for him..and i literally feel sick.. what can I do? what can I do? please..what can I do?

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