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Default Re: Spell check + Firefox = :-(

Originally Posted by Blahages View Post
I didn't say it sucked because it comes with the OS. I use it off and on at work anyway. They have FF too, but it depends on what building I'm at (Work at a School), so it depends on if the school has Fiber or T1, since the way our FF Profiles are set up, it brings them over the Network, so sometimes it's faster to open IE). I don't have a big problem with IE, for standard use. It doesn't bother me. I just wouldn't use it all the time. Like I said, I use FF (on my computer) the majority of the time. It's not like I'm constantly switching back and forth. The only real things I use IE for, (When I don't open it, just because I felt like it at the time) is for Windows updates. At least, in 99.99% of cases. I have no reason to otherwise. FF works just fine for pretty much anything I'd use it for.

I know if I use Avant I'm using IE. I made it clear I understood that. I wasn't bashing on Avant just because it's based on IE. That's one contributing factor, but not it all.

Well, Again, it's using IE. So, it's not like they need a huge development team. That part is already done for him.

I know you can change the Default Search Engine. It's just more difficult then it needs to be.

I realize there's Google Toolbar. But, there's no need to install an add-on like that, if I could just go to the work to change the default search engine. I changed the default Web Search last night in Avant, when I wrote the original reply. But, of course, it'd be easier if you could select "Yahoo!," "Google," Altavista," etc instead of finding the url that has to be placed into the various fields (Such as Image search, Web Search, etc) like ""

Yes, you can do "g pie and noodles" to use Google to search for that. It actually works in this release. I know in a past build it didn't work for me. I'd never have a reason to use anything besides Google anyway, so that's not really an issue. At least, not for a normal web search.

Hmm... Defaulted into that Style. Never crossed my mind that it would be like that. Regular mode is definitely better.

I'm not saying opening in new tabs by default is bad. I like that too, but I do like being able to easily say "Open in New Window," as I do like to split up tabs between windows at times. Quite frequently, actually. I was just saying it would make more sense, in my mind, to leave "Open in New Tab" as the action, instead of saying "Open in New Window," as it actually DOES open in a new tab. Not a new window. A fairly minor thing.

With FF, it's not a huge issue for me, as I always use the Middle Scroll Wheel on my mouse to open in new tabs. Just click on a link with it, and it opens a new tab. It's like second nature, so it's not inconvenient at all.

Besides, you can change FF's default to open in New tabs. I know, at least, at one time in the past, it was a little round about way of changing the default, but that was fine. I don't know if they changed that in 2.0 or not. That's something that could be fixed.

First of all, you have to do everything "manually" in any browser, even if it's just clicking. In Avant Browser, you can either use it's Tray Icon or use File >> New Avant Browser. Now the Tray Icon can easily be disabled if the user doesn't like it. Normally, though, tray icons are very convenient. Though the reason a new tray icon appears is because a new Avant Browser is created, not just a child window. Though you wouldn't have to worry about using new Avant Browsers because it actually uses the tabbing by default for new windows. Making new windows in a tabbed browser is pretty pointless. <smile>

Again, that's not how I use it. So, it makes it fairly inconvenient for me. I'm a bit more of a "Power User" then most people, I admit that, but for me, I prefer how FF does this. Some people will like Avant's way of doing it better. I realize that. I consistently work with 4+ FF Windows open. Usually with 5-6+ tabs in each open. Like, now, for example, I have 7 Windows with:

Window 1: 4 Tabs
Window 2: 5 Tabs
Window 3: 15 Tabs
Window 4 3 Tabs
Window 5 15 Tabs
Window 6: 2 Tabs
Window 7: 8 Tabs

Yes, I realize that's a bit much. The way I use it, I tend to leave a Window with what I'm doing at the time open for later use. Yes, I use bookmarks, but I prefer not to. I'm not on the best Internet Connection, so it makes more sense to leave Tabs open I will use within the next day or so again, then to close them and reopen them. Especially if it has a high content load. I leave my computer on all the time, so it doesn't bother me.

Obviously. . I have no idea why it took them so long. MS hasn't gotten around to complying with it either. Few actually have. Opera is one of the few fairly popular browsers that does, besides Safari and Konqueror.

Here's a Screen shot of Avant/IE7 on the Test:

For some reason, I Can't actually follow links to the test in Avant. It keeps forwarding itself to some 404 page, and then it says the page is blocked, or whatever. I have to actually paste the correct URL from FF into Avant. Oh well. Err, wait, that worked somewhat, but it forwards again. I ended up getting lucking using some round about way.



Granted, they both Suck, but you can't deny which one looks better.

Not that it really matters. They both Fail.

Because of it's incomparable compatibility with everything out there, Internet Explorer not only can be prone to malicious software, but it can be better protected against it. My Norton Internet Security can keep tabs on everything downloaded before it's even rendered when I'm using Avant Browser (or Internet Explorer).

Yes, because it's a tabbed browser, not a windowed one. New Avant Browsers can be created, but as I stated before, they're not simply child windows, they're new Avant Browsers. The only time I would even think of using a new Avant Browser (when I have one already opened) is if someone else wants to browse the internet and I don't want their stuff to get mixed up with mine. This could also be solved by switching Windows accounts though.

Well, not only does Avant Browser usually use less RAM, it also starts up noticeably faster. Though one thing that I don't think you realize (at least when you made that post) is that new Avant Browsers are new browsers, not new windows. That's why it opens new processes - it's a whole new browser, not a child window. Another nice feature Avant Browser has is that it automatically saves each tab's website address. This means that if Avant Browser (or the operating system) crashes, Avant Browser will prompt you to see if you would like to open the saved links. I presume this is what Firefox does, except for the prompting. Avant Browser can also do the same thing when you're exiting. Simply use File >> 'Save All Opened Pages and Exit' and you'll be prompted to open the same pages the next time you open Avant Browser.

Just because it's provided in the OS doesn't mean it's the best. There are always alternatives, sometimes better. I'm not saying everything is better about FF. Just things that I care about. Besides, I like consistency across multiple platforms, as I do use both Windows an Linux quite a bit.

Technically, the thread is still on topic. It's just been expanded, greatly.

But, then again, there's nothing wrong with that.

That quote reminds me of the original topic of this Tread. Spell Checkers. Haha, Just messing with you. Eh.

Anyway, my original point was, even if I didn't do the best job of stating it, was that neither browser is perfect. I could go on all day picking out little details of both that I dislike. There are things in FF that I dislike. There are things in IE that I dislike. And, there are things in Avant I dislike. Avant is definately better, in my mind, then IE6. There's no question. The margin isn't as big over IE7, but there's still a lead. If I were to actually sit down and customize Avant, I would like it more, I know. I'm sure I could fix most of those issues I brought up. I was merely stating that a lot of ways it's configured by default, I dislike.

The school district I work at (As a techie) used 100% IE up until a year and a half ago. Some of them (About 3-4%) had FF installed as well. But, not a lot. Half the Schools are still running on Windows 98SE, and Half are on XP Professional. Firefox definately kicks the crap out of anything based on IE that runs under 98. Especially the way 98 handles resources, and whatnot. We transitioned a lot of People over to FF this year, although we left defaults at IE. Over this Christmas break, We're setting all defaults to FF district-wide, but IE will still work. And, Upgrading IE to 7 (For XP). Just doing that half freaks the staff out.

The way things are set up in FF, it's easier to customize by default then Avant, at least, that I've seen. If we, say, for example, tried to introduce that, Utter Chaos would erupt. Not that I'm against that, but still. From a standpoint of a relatively new user, I think FF would be better off for them. Especially over IE. I would never recommend sticking with IE. To a lesser extent something based off it, but still to an extent. Just from my past experience, I've dealt with so many spyware & virus infections, etc, that it's crazy. Don't take this as saying that it's impossible, or even difficult to reproduce these problems in FF. I'm definnately not saying that. It's just more difficult. So far, since I transitioned my sisters to using FF over IE, there haven't been nearly as many problems, as the majority of the time, you actually have to download a file and tell it to run in FF to cause the same problems that I've seen with IE and things installing on their own, or little popups coming up asking someone with no idea what's going on, if they want to install something. Because, if it stops the page from loading, and it looks like pressing "Yes" or "Install" might, just possibly, Maybe fix the problem, they'll do it. Most the things I have to contend with now, are my sisters downloading things like "Zwiggy Toolbar" or whatever it is, in EXE form and installing it. Which, they have done repeatedly. Whereas, in the past, with IE, it was so bad, that you could not visit any pages on the internet, period, without being imediately redirected to some advertizing site every last time. That took quite a while to find the culprit, as no antispyware or antivirus programs I have would find and remove it.

Anyway, I led the topic more astray. Sorry for that. But, Yeah. Point of this entire post: All Browsers suck in some form or another. Some Suck less. Each has their perks, but it's more fun to ramble aimlessly along about their quarks. I was just getting annoyed with all the hype about Avant, and how FF is utter crap, etc, that a lot of people here seem to have the attitude of.

They all suck in their own way. Don't flatter them so much.

And, Kiros, if I remember correctly, you and me seem to like to get into long discussions like this with each other. Or, at least, I'm pretty sure I have with you before. I know I have with others here, when I do post. There's no such thing as too long of a post. But, there is such a thing as too sort of a post. (Err, well, maybe this is boarding on too long, but eh. Yeah, I'm done. Good night.).

EDIT: WTF. "You are limited to 10 Images in your post. You have 11." Psh.

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