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I used to wash my hands like that all the time. It got so bad that they became extremely chapped, and I had to get some medicated cream for it. Whenever I'd apply it, it would burn like crazy. My doctor tried a few different medications, but they never did anything.

I had a few things that I did. I always checked the locks on the basement walkout door before I went to bed. I'm open my door constantly, for like 2 minutes about every 2 seconds and look at the lock.

Yay paranoia. Also, any time I'd think about a sickness, for one reason or another, I'd start telling myself I wanted it, even though I didn't, and would have to repeat this stupid phrase a couple times, basically telling myself to forget what I said, a whole bunch of times, before I would be fine again.

I've always developed habits really easily. I've gotten over most of what I talked about above, except the germ thing, and developing some habits really easily. I quit washing my hands all the time, and instead, started using various utensils to eat, or, using a paper towel to hold food. Never hands. I got to the point where I wouldn't eat with my hands period, even if I had washed them. I managed to force myself a few times on and off over the past few years to eat with my hands after a thorough hand washing, and a few extremely rare times, when I hadn't washed them in the past 20 seconds.

Fun. I realize I didn't have nearly as bad a case as a lot of people do, but it was still annoying.

- Bill
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