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Default Re: Spell check + Firefox = :-(

Lols, well, I thought I'd inject something into this thread.

I tried Avant browser about 6 months ago and all it ever did was crash my pc, it blue screened it about every minute (seriously). Probs because my PC is kind of shit but hey, it got annoying lol, I'd be in the middle of some random battle with some CPs in HL:2 then bluhhh, blue screen. And when I tried to install it it would always decide to leave traces of itself in my registry which I had to go in and manualy delete because that just messed up any virus scans I did and also un-stabilised the registry a bit. But I might try it again seeing as I haven't tried it for 6 months but my PC has just had a huge fuck up (USB bandwidth went spaz, limited me to some stupidly small amount) so I don't want another one so soon lol.

Also I normaly try to use the same browsers over both my OSs (Mac and PC) and I know that FF just works on both of them, I've never had any problems. The only one I had was the fact that FF didn't like the WMP plug-in but I my neighbour messed bout with it and got it working. And I found it pretty easy to transfer bookmarks e.c.t. between FF and FF with it working first time.

But I know i shouldn't bear grudges on software, I'll try it again soon.

EDIT: I meant "shouldn't" opposed to "should"

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