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I think religion, thinking back to the crusades, is only to make people do good and for the people at the top to profit. Think about it! The crusades...... clerics, all the churches, and manny other people benfited from that. I think that they're, also, lying so we do good in the world, and a response to "Someone who truely belives in God doesn't hate" by Hyper...... God hates a lot of people! Gay marrige, their only arguement is in the biblie. Other than that they have no arguement! What about in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? African-Americans weren't important because God said so! God can hate. (If there is a God, and it's not just the important holy people and churches benefitting by lying. I'm sure they all pretty much believe in what they do though.). That's not me being serious, but I did think this was getting a bit tense.
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