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Originally Posted by Hyper View Post
Oops read that site.. Realy read it you can see the author(s) are completly 1 sided
I agree.

And with "science"... yes I study science (because of school, though =p) and I have learned that everything in the Universe is made of energy. I know the Big Bang theory. And this science has made me believe that in order for our Universe to have been created, and for life to actually work, there must be Something that created or jump-started the Universe. Some Higher Being. I think it was what we call "God."

I definitely believe there is God and that he still works in our lives. However I'm what I call "religion-agnostic", meaning I have no idea what the right religion is. Christianity? Maybe. However Christianity got off to a bad start. The Bible is faulty and since it was misinterpreted and changed over time, and the Gnostic Gospels being hidden from the world, how can we truly trust the Bible?

For now I go to a Christian church. If something happens or if I learn something that alters my POV Christianity or what I should believe then so be it. I don't care what the truth is, I want to know it.

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