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Default Re: Can't do it anymore.

i mean this in the nicest way possible

move on. you can not be attached to one person forever. i had the same problem with my friend and this girl i liked. i moved on and found another person for me. If you are attached to one person, you will never know what is out there. In 7th grade i was madly in love with this one girl named Stephanie Hitchcock. At the end of summer my family moved to great falls, but i cried myself to sleep just to go back. and my good friend william knows how badly i like steph so he just asks her out for himself. i do whatever i can to go back to hb, and i do. my parents spend almost 5000 dollars to go back home. mortgage and crap. and for what? a broken heart. i was even more sadder than ever and went emo for like a week. then realized, fuck that ho, time for me to move on. but still deep in my heart i have love for steph.

Basically i am saying is if you hang on forever, you will do something stupid to acheive that, and later you may regret it.
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