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Default Re: Spell check + Firefox = :-(

Originally Posted by Kiros View Post
Well, do you want to know one of the good reasons I don't use Firefox? It's not compatible with 20%+ of the websites and scripts out there. Internet Explorer (and by inheritance, Avant Browser) on the other hand is completely compatible with 99.9% of the websites and scripts on the internet. The 0.1% that Internet Explorer cannot understand is made specifically for a different browser (such as Firefox or Opera) and is usually there because a Firefox/Opera lover wanted vengeance on those who openly admit Internet Explorer is not only more compatible, but now it's actually safer.

Just one good reason... There's many more. By the by, it's Avant, not Advant. Notice the spelling in the link:
I've almost never had any problems with compatibility. Only thing off hand I can think of are ActiveX controls.

And, anyway, IE sucks. Avant is based off IE. If I want to use IE for something, I open it in Firefox, using the IETab extension. There's no point in using a different browser.

I never liked Avant. I can't remember exactly what I didn't like, besides the whole based on IE thing, so I'll reinstall it.

Hmm... Looks different now. Psh, they used the FF Icons on it.

Of course, it doesn't use Google for its search engine by default. I had to rig it to use it. Otherwise, it uses the crappy looking Avant search thingy, based on Yahoo.

The Menu bar is screwy. It's up in the upper right corner, and you don't seem to be able to move it to where it "Should be." I mean, I can move the entire bar, but that leaves it in the same right hand side.

Originally Posted by Kiros View Post
Avant Browser contains all of it's tabs in one window, so you don't have to move everything around. Firefox has some weird thing set up to where you have to do some weird key thing to use the tabs, because otherwise it uses multiple windows instead - which I find is very annoying (tabbed browsing is supposed to replace windowed browsing... get it right, Mozilla Development Team -_-)...
Something else that is messed. Oddly, in Avant, there is no "Open in New Tab." It's grayed-out. Just "Open in New Window" remains. And, yet, it opens a new tab. Not a new window. Why would they do that? I like FF's way of doing this. I open new Tabs and Windows all the time. I like having seperate windows with Tabs within those windows, especially if it's something I'm trying to couple together, or whatever. I don't like having every last tab in the same window. The "Weird Key" is either pressing the scroll wheel button on the link, or holding control+clicking on the link to open it in a new tab. This is the same for Avant. Well... The Scroll click is. The Control Click doesn't work. IE7 uses the same thing FF does.

In order to open a new Window in Avant, I have to manually go down to the System Tray Icon and tell it to open a new browser. That brings up another issue. Why would you want a tray icon for it in the first place? And, when you open a new window, it creates another system tray icon. So, for example, if I had the same Windows of Avant open as I do FF right now, I would have 6 system tray icons for Avant. Which, is pointless.

The reason the Spell checker works in IE and Avant, is it appears to be using IESpell. Which, means you have to have that installed to use it, anyway. The Builtin FF Spell checker works just fine. It underlines all the works I spell incorrectly with a red squiggly line, just like Word does. Right click, and correct.

With that IE Tab Extension, I can use FF just like IE if I needed. Although, I've learned to Dispise IE, and anything built off it anyway.

FF 3 (Alpha, so I'm not using this as a huge point) displays the Acid2 test flawlessly. Avant, since it's based on IE6/7, fails. The Smilie looks like it's been slaughtered. But, I guess I can't blame Avant on that, because it's using IE.... Well...

Just from my experience, IE-based browsers are more prone to spyware, seeing that they have activex controls, and the such. The only other way I've gotten spyware with a browser is to actually download the program, and install it.

Also, when I look at the list of Avant windows (I have 6 open right now, just to compare with how I'm using FF) I cannot tell which is which. They all say "Avant Browser." There's no distinguishing title on any of them. When I do the same with FF or, even IE, I see "VirtualTeen Forums," or "Google."

The only real things I can think of right now, that I do like about Avant is that it is opening separate processes for each new "Window" I open, and Avant seems to use less RAM in some cases. Though, I have a GB of ram, so that's not an issue. The Separate processes aren't a huge issue, because if FF does crash, it reopens my last state anyway. So, having separate processes isn't a huge issue.

Avant, to me, just seems like Firefox, but using an IE Base. Sure, there's a few things that are better in Avant then in FF (Most of which, don't relate to the IE part), and there are a few things that are better in FF. I just don't see a point in using it. I could use IETab for FF if I ever wanted to use an IE window. Maybe if they fixed some of those issues I talked about above, I might like it better.

- Bill

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