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Default Re: Spell check + Firefox = :-(

Ummm... Forrest, have you tried viewing in a non-compact style?
View >> Compact Style

Personally, I only like compact style if I'm on a laptop. However, it also makes for a really nice kiosk setup

But I'd like to bring up that nice little feature of Avant Browser - it keeps new pages in tabs - which is what I would expect from tabbed browsing. As you can see, in Forrest's demonstration, Firefox does not use tabs automatically. Instead, the orange (supposedly tabbed browsing) demon uses new windows by default. In Avant Browser, I can middle click any normal link to bring up a new tab, and if I run into a "_blank" link, then it will bring up a new tab (middle clicking does the same thing even on these links).

Anderson, the author of Avant Browser, designed the Compact Style in hopes that it would take off like a hit. Now, I know Avant Browser for having that nice option, but I don't use is much. Though like I said, it makes for a great kiosk browser with the maximum browsing experience

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