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Originally Posted by Tori4456 View Post
Help!! After I masturbait I feel really really guilty. The next day I feel like god is punishing me by making bad stuff happen to me because once I... Did that... Then I had a bad day like alot of bad stuff happens, idk what's wrong!! Plz help!!
God is not going to punish you for masturbating. The fact that you masturbated and then you had a bad day afterwards is a complete coincidence in my opinion. I'm not religious, but I seriously doubt that if there was a God that was all loving, that he would punish you for pleasuring yourself rather than sleeping with many men. However, I've read a lot at VT that some Catholics believe that masturbation is a sin. That's entirely up to you.

Masturbation is natural: you're not 'dirty' for doing it and you're not alone either!
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