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Default Re: Spell check + Firefox = :-(

If you would like a screen shot, I'll show you how if I click on a link targeted as "_blank", then it will open a new Firefox browser. After 5 clicks, my start bar is crowed with Firefox jazz... Never again, I say! Even with their new, it still opens "_blank" targets incorrectly

But ummm... Pages don't 'fix' themselves... What you might think it's messing up is actually just an image or table expanding as it's downloaded. Firefox uses the Gecko engine, which tries to account for all the images and tables before it renders anything. Avant Browser, inheriting properties from Internet Explorer, renders the pages as is and if an image width/height is not specified and it must be loaded, then it pops it in their after it's downloaded - that can sometimes affect the page's 'beauty' while loads, but it's more optimal and in both the memory and processor usage regions.


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