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Originally Posted by embers View Post
Allah literally translates to God in Arabic, and the concept of 'Allah' existed before Islam came about (as did practises like Hajj). The Muslim version of God is the Christian version of God. Same stories, same everything, except for of course Muhammed.

Originally Posted by Animal Luverrr View Post
One question that really has been on my mind...and other opinions.

First off, why do members of one faith criticize members of another? How can we know for sure that our faith is right? Very true! I don't think we eve can be sure until we die.
Criticizing religion is not disrespectful. Tumblr friend wrote this -

Originally Posted by atheistininspiration
Religion should not be exempt from criticism because is very unlike things we typically refrain from criticizing (gender, sex, race, ethnicity, heigh, weight, looks, ability). Those things are innate to a person and are not a telling of a person’s character. You know the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Religion is not part of the cover, it’s part of the pages. Religious garments and jewelry aside, you cannot tell a person’s religion just by looking at the person. Religion is of the mind; it is alterable; it is a belief system, like an ideology or world view. We don’t hesitate to criticize or challenge someone’s political belief, especially if we find it unjust and can reason why. Debating political views is extremely common, but debating religion is “offensive”? Pointing out inconsistencies or errors in someone’s belief system is not insulting and it is not disrespectful any more than talking to them about their interpretation of “Fahrenheit 451” is. Criticizing the religion is not a personal attack on the person’s character or personality, it’s a criticism of the belief.

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