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Default Re: Government "fairness" creates monopolies. Here is the evidence.

Originally Posted by Phantom
Well first of all you would never be the ONLY supplier, but for arguments sake......
Another company would come along offer fair prices and blow you away.
how do you know you would never be the only supplier, in Ireland there is a telecommunications company, now owned by the governemt, that own all the telephone lines in the country, and any other company that wants to enter the market with telephone services have to rent the lines from this company, hence they are the only supplier.

plus the entry costs to the market are too high for a competitor to enter the market.

ok when it comes to Ireland you need to realise that we are a young country just over 70 years old. and when we were founded the government had to set up these companies because there was no one else able to do so. it is only in the last 15 years that our economy has boomed and become one of the strongest in Europe.

we do have a very fair government and fair one at European level. thats why monopoloies are prevented.

Originally Posted by Phantom
OR a government instituted airline monopoly.....
and where is that? because we dont have one.

Originally Posted by Phantom
I think you can't find any well besides your "fair" government institute ones.
its harder for me to find one because there are very few existing in the EU. but there are a number of airline routes they are monopolised by one airline, Ryanair. and this has nothing to do with government, its due to a ruthless company a cut throat CEO.

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