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Post The Rayne armblades(A story)

(this is based in the time of sowrds and axes and mutten lol i had to throw that out..although there is a lil bit of magic...lollollol)Also this inclueds very little swearing.

One day a young boy about 13 years old,named Tirthe, Went into a special training group One his first day of training he was givein a sword to train and fight with,he trained long and hard with the blade and he used a bow for long range. "That boy is different Alexi." Says Septim,the group leader. "Hmmm,he climbed through the ranks very quickly and he's become very powerful with the sword." Stated Alexi Stukav. "Yes,do you think he is ready for magic?" "Yes Septim,he is ready." Alexi says while watching Tirthe. Septim nods before leaving the room.
The next day before Tirthe woke up,Alexi and Septim woke him up to tell him his next bit of training. "Tirthe,wake up!" Alexi says. Tirthe awakes and wipes his eyes. "Huh? Why did you wake me up so early?" Tirthe says. "We would like to tell you that you are ready for the training of magic." Says Septim. "Magic? Are you serious? I mean I'm only 13." "Yes you are ready to learn it. You must!" Says Alexi. "Okay then." And Tirthe fell asleep again. While Alexi and Septim leave the room.
Then the next day when Tirthe woke up,he went outside to find there magic instructor,Glenroy,and they started.
1 year later (Sorry for this timelapse but if I didn't do it the story would go on forever. Trust me.) when he finnaly masterd the blade and magic, he started training with the armblades. Which he masterd very quickly. He then heard a rumer that a demon has been around and has been corupting people. That night he took the armblades he have been training with and went to the tower were all the trainers and other officals stayed,we went up the stairs into the quarters hallway only to be greeted by two guards. The guards started to say."Hey,what are you doing here?" Tirthe looked at them with a demonic look at said "Looking for Septim. To take his Rayne Armblades, So if you wouldn't mind letting me see him." The guards pulled out there swords to attack! Tirthe droped the armblads from his arm and killed the two guards with one foul slash. Tirth moved on,and then Alexi came out of his room to see him standing there, "Hey! What the hell are you doing here?" Says Alexi. :I'm sorry Alexi." And he jumped at him and stabed the armbleds through him. Alexi died instantly. So Tirthe ran into Septims room to see him still awake next to the Rayne armblades. "I know what you are here for." Says Septim in a weak voice. Tirthe laughs and pulls out his armblades while Septim grabes his. Tirthe smiles and says,"this will be fun." Septim lunges at him only to be block at thrown to the ground. Septim trys again only to be trown against the wall. Then Tirthe throws himself at him and slashes his arms then his legs then finally stabed through the chest pinning him to the wall. "Well I was expecting more from you. But Oh well." Says Tirthe. Tirthe takes the the Rayne armblades and finishes Septim off. He leaves the room and kills the people outside the room.

Teh End. lol

Don't worry,It can only get worse.

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