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Default Re: How do doctors test if you have add?

I have ADHD and OCD, and I can tell you diagnosing a mental disorder falls somewhere in the spectrum of talent between tying your shoes and not suffocating to death by forgetting to breathe. The basically just hand you a questionnaire that makes you rate your symptoms on a scale (usually 0-4/not at all - severe) and if you exceed a certain score you're officially diagnosed. So basically, if you really are unsure and want to know if you have it you can't trust a doctor who has never met you. Look within yourself, and how others perceive you. Now, if you are convinced you have it and want meds, all you have to do is do a little research, repeat the symptoms back to your psychiatrist in the first person, and bs your way through the test, mixing up the answer a little bit so that you don't pick "severe" for each one. One thing that may come up with diagnosing ADD at a late age (teen years) is that they say your lack of focus is depression not ADD that wasn't caught early. If you don't think this is the case, when they start asking you things like "are you really tired all the time?" or "have things that used to make you happy not been interesting anymore?" or "do you ever feel like you will never be happy again?"
make sure you are adamant about none of these things being the case.
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