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Originally Posted by TheWizard View Post
Welcome back. I missed you.
Thanks, Josh. I missed you too, and the site. I'm extremely happy to see it continuing to do so well. I feared it may have hit a rut, but it even looks better than ever.

Originally Posted by Silence View Post
Heylo Doug, it's nice to see you visiting.
Thanks, Silence. It's been a while. You're one of the few I remember very well!

Originally Posted by Kiros View Post
Wow, it's been sooo long, Doug... It's great to see ya back!
How's life, my good spank?
Originally Posted by Dante! View Post
Hey welcome back doug, what have u been upto?
Thanks a lot, Kiros, and Dante. I see you guys remain very involved with the site; good to know. I've basically just been up to a lot of living life, most likely like the rest of you. It's been hectic, but I'm just trying to get through it.

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