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Default Re: Government "fairness" creates monopolies. Here is the evidence.

this has nothing to do with child labour and all that jazz. absolutly nothing. you really need to do some homework on this subject.

ok i'll use this example, i am the only supplier of say electricity in the market. now which way would i charge my customers,

A) offer a competitive price that would be equal to that of other similiar countries where there is more than one supplier of electricity


B) charge a price that means that i get a nice profit, because the consumer has no option but to get their electricity from me

companies in a monopoly situation are able to charge higher prices than they would be able to in a competitive market. and therefore they are able to screw the consumer.
Well first of all you would never be the ONLY supplier, but for arguments sake......
Another company would come along offer fair prices and blow you away.

you really need to study up on this because i know what i am talking about, i study Commerce in college.

what about electricity supply? in Ireland there is one company.
what about telecommunications? the high entry costs to get into these industries is a very big deterent.
LOL! I can't help but laugh. Those are all GOVERNMENT INSTITUTED MONOPOLY'S. So much for your little "fair" government.

preventing a monopoly from occurring is not stopping a free market. ok which is better, having two airlines competing to offer the best price, or one airline making supernormal profits?
OR a government instituted airline monopoly.....
Anyways there will always be competition.

because i have had a long day, i cant be bothered doing some research. but off the top of my head i could name Ryanair, an Irish airline, it has a monopoly on several routes out of Cork and Dublin airports.[/
QUOTE] I think you can't find any well besides your "fair" government institute ones.

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