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There is this guy I used to like a while back and he like[s][d] me. He would always try to get me jealous with some nasty girls and girls that even I knew would not be with him. Every time a friend of mine saw him with another girl, they would tell me. I used to get so jealous. Now him and I are friends again but he does not want me to be with my boyfriend. He has no clue my boyfriend and I have gotten back together again. A couple of Saturdays ago, I let this guy look through my phone and he was like "Why does Colby call you so much?" trying to be all defensive and all. It is like ... he does not want to see me hurt but he is overly obsessive.
My boyfriend was over last night [well... stayed the night] and he called. My boyfriend answered the phone and started talking and this guy has not talked to me since. I have not been at school since Monday so who knows. I am not really scared but then again I am. It may just be all the stuff on my mind though.

I just do not know what to do about the other guy. I mean, he is a good guy and he is really sweet and nice to me but he does get on my nerves. He calls at least three times an evening and talks to me all the time. It is kind of getting old. Help... maybe?

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