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Default Re: Government "fairness" creates monopolies. Here is the evidence.

Originally Posted by redcar View Post
very simply without goverenment intervention, businesses would become very very unscrupleous and screw the consumer out of money.

you really havent grasped or studied up on them enough, but you would see that they are bad. Anthony had a good example with airlines, there are many routes in Europe anyway that only have one airline working them. thats a monopoly of the route. that means the company knows that people travel this route, and that they can only get the service from them, hence they can charge higher prices because they know no one else will be able to offer a better one.

the more competition in a market the better, better for consumers, and that is why its good that the government are there to prevent monopolies and even oligoloplies developing.
How would you get screwed out of money? You do know that I still support laws preventing them from lieing and things like child labor, but little else.

I still don't understand how you would get screwed out of money? If the damn car is to expensive don't buy it! If you don't think the extended warranty is not worth it don't buy it! Take your business else where.
I hope you do know that businesses want to make a profit, so they would not screw people over or else they would get no business!

But you don't seem to understand that there will always be more than one company in a market such as airlines. So it is in the best interest of the company to please you.

You say you have studied economics? How do you not know such simple things. The free markets always always are better.
The US because as strong as it did because of a major part to our economic system. The market almost never needs government intervention, except in cases of pure fraud and theft.

You also still haven't been able to name a full monopoly thats not government instituted. Also the people are FORCED to buy this product there is a monopoly on.

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