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Default Re: Government "fairness" creates monopolies. Here is the evidence.

Originally Posted by Phantom
It is unfair. The government cannot control what private businesses do, thats like saying the government should be able to control who you talk to.

Ok, now lets think for a second.
How do businesses make money? They benefit the people, low prices, good service, quality products.
very simply without goverenment intervention, businesses would become very very unscrupleous and screw the consumer out of money.

you really havent grasped or studied up on them enough, but you would see that they are bad. Anthony had a good example with airlines, there are many routes in Europe anyway that only have one airline working them. thats a monopoly of the route. that means the company knows that people travel this route, and that they can only get the service from them, hence they can charge higher prices because they know no one else will be able to offer a better one.

the more competition in a market the better, better for consumers, and that is why its good that the government are there to prevent monopolies and even oligoloplies developing.

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