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Default Re: Government "fairness" creates monopolies. Here is the evidence.

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
That's a bad analogy because apple juice isn't a necessity. If one business controlled all the airlines in the usa and prices were sky high, and I need to fly to Los Angeles, what choice to I have? You may not be "forced" to buy anything but when you need to buy something and aren't given another choice, then I'm left with no choice but to pay the huge price because thats the only company.
First of all there would always be more company's to fly from.
But just for the sake of argument lets say that one company owned it all. What would stop some other small company from coming along and starting another one? They would make huge bucks because everyone would fly with them because they don't charge so much.
Anyways even if a company had a monopoly they wouldn't raise prices, its bad for business.

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